Hotel Management Information System

Reservations, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Cashiering, Night Audit, Guest Statistics, Room Blocking, Occupancy check by room type, Search Arrivals / Departures by Name / Date / Room Type / Room# / Company, Production Reports By Business Source / Market Segment, Arrivals/Departures List, GiH List, Birthday List, Room Condition / Status, View all or filtered Guest Folio, Revenue Reports, Breakdown of Daily Charges, Integration with back office accounting system, Integration with POS system.

Warehouse Management Information System

Receiving Report, Cross-Docking, Directed Put-away, Sales Order, Directed Picking, Stock Transfer, Item Re-class, Re-palleting, Blast Freezing, Bundling / Kitting, Physical Count, Storage Utilization, Stock Movement, Location Balance.


Healthcare System

Patient registry, Room and bed management, Admission, transfer, and discharge, Updating of Hospital Bills with Night Audit, Integrated Nursing and Ancillary Services, Patient Chart Record, 

Patient Health Record, Laboratory, Radiology, Pulmonary, Dietary Management System, Operating, and Delivery Room, Pharmacy POS,  Integration with back office accounting system.


Network Solutions

LAN Server, Network Hardware / Cabling, Install & Configure Server and Workstations O/S, Network Printer.

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